Smart Swab


Accumulated wax in your ears can cause discomfort, impair hearing, and cause an ear infection. Cotton swabs can hurt, and doesn't always clean it all. Now there's a better way to get the job done right. Smart Swab is the new and innovative way to clean your ears safely. Just place it in your ear, twist, and remove.

Smart Swab's magical secret is a soft, spiral-grooved head that's designed to go the perfect distance in your ear, then with a simple twist, latches onto wax and safely extracts it. Are you ready to clean your ears quickly and comfortably with Smart Swab? You won’t be disappointed!


  • Easy earwax removal.
  • Protection to your ear drum and other auricular areas.
  • Latch onto the wax at the canal efficiently.
  • Replaceable tips for ease of use.
  • Convenient storage case.
  • Features includes (1) Smart Swab Handle, (16) Disposable Tips, (1) Storage Case.


  • 8.8 x 5 x 12 in
  • 0.4 lb.

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