Aluminized Compression Socks Unisex


Don't let the cold weather get you down! Stay warm and comfortable with the Aluminized Compression Socks. These cool socks are super soft and made with aluminized threads woven into a breathable, nylon knit fabric. Thin, sheer and lightweight to wear by themselves or as liners under your regular socks for a snug fit. These lightweight socks will help keep your feet warm and dry in any weather. Socks are crafted with aluminized threads woven into a breathable, knit fabric, Enjoy daily activities, from hiking to running to getting you through your workday, with these durable socks. The aluminized threads help reflect your own body heat, minimizing heat and moisture to keep your limbs warm and dry and your body temperature just right. Don't suffer in the cold. Stay comfy and toasty the smart way 


  • Enhanced with woven, aluminized fibers to keep the feet warm in the cold.
  • Reduces moisture and perspiration to keep your feet amazingly dry.
  • Lightweight and soft polyester blend.
  • Wear as regular socks or as sock liners for extra protection.
  • Fits all shoes and is ideal for daily activities.
  • Great for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Machine wash cold with like colors; do not bleach; tumble dry normal.


  • 7.8 x 5.5 x 0.7 in
  • 0.4 lb.

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